Permanent Makeup Removal Per Session

  • Eyeliner wings too long, or too thick?
  • Old discoloured pigment, grey or peachy eyebrows?
  • Unevenly shaped, too thick, or too long eyebrows?
  • Lip line too thick or too dark?

Permanent Makeup Removal takes from 2 - 5 sessions to remove, or lighten significantly. Minimum wait is 8 weeks between sessions.

Depending on how much is to be removed the amount can vary per session as follows:

  • Eyebrows - from R850
  • Eyeliner tips - R650
  • Lips - from R850

For a quote please send a close up pic of the area you would like to remove.
WhatsApp a clear closeup pic to Jenny +2771 092 2468

As with any trauma to the skin, scarring is a fact. Hypertrophic scarring, hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation is a definite risk. The nature and extent of which will depend on a number of possible factors, including the pigment, depth and technique used in the original PMU, your skin type, tone and healing ability, and aftercare. Individual results cannot be foreseen, predicted, or guaranteed.

If you have any concerns about how you may heal, hyper-pigment, hypo-pigment, then please arrange a patch test.

  • Removal Patch Test - R350 to be arranged 8 weeks prior to the removal procedure
  • WhatsApp Jenny +2771 092 2468

Permanent Makeup should be removed with caution, since where the skin is traumatised there will always be scar tissue, and we are never quite certain how the skin will receive and retain pigment of a cover up procedure after removal. Individual results cannot be foreseen, predicted, or guaranteed.