1st Session
  • Microblading R1200
  • Combo Brows R1600 (Microblading + Microshading)
  • Powder/Ombre Brows R1300
  • Eyeliner (top OR bottom) R1200
  • Eyeliner (top AND bottom) R1500
  • Lip Liner R1500
  • Lip Tint R1800

10% discount on your 1st Session if you book for more than one procedure, for yourself, in the same appointment.

Because everyone’s skin is so different, and various factors such as medication, hormones, health, and aftercare can influence your skin’s ability to retain pigment evenly, most procedures require two sessions. The second session, or Touch Up, is to refine the shape and adjust intensity or colour. The Touch Up is ideally done at 6 weeks once the pigment has fully settled.

2nd Session (Touch Up)

  • Microblading R550
  • Combo Brows R850
  • Powder/Ombre Brows R650
  • Eyeliner R850
  • Lips R950

Your 2nd session must be done within 12 weeks of your 1st session to qualify as a touch up

Book for 2 procedures* on the same day and get 10% OFF!

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*Valid for 1st Session Only. Excludes 2nd Session /Touch Up