RON HENDON the developer of the revolutionary 123-TATTOO-FREE® is a world renowned Paramedical Micro Pigmentation Specialist and Tattoo Artist, boasting numerous awards internationally.

Ron Hendon scar correction institute tattoo removal certification

Ron set out over 20 years ago to develop a simple yet effective method of tattoo removal. Ron was motivated by the lack of accurate, painless and cost effective tattoo removal techniques globally. Another factor was the constant outcry from clients desperately wanting to remove unwanted tattoos.

After years of extensive trial and error, Ron developed the perfect method and exact formula for a successful tattoo removal.

Ron has been using this system in his studio for over 15 years and with the most unbelievable results.

Email a pic of the tattoo that you would like removed / or partially removed, location on your body, and approximate size, and we can send you an estimate.
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