Preparing for your Permanent Makeup procedure

Contra-indications for permanent makeup

  • Under 18
  • Diabetes type 1 (doctor's approval required if you are insulin resistant)
  • Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure
  • Heart disease (requires doctor's approval)
  • Blood disorders (requires doctor's approval)
  • Epilepsy (requires doctor's approval)
  • Pregnant or Breast feeding
  • Taking blood thinners (doctor to approve coming off a few days before your procedure)
  • Taking ARV’s
  • Psoriasis
  • Allergic to Anaesthetic
  • Active Herpes outbreak (cold sore)
  • Auto immune disease (let your technician know about any)
  • Chemo therapy (6 months after)
  • Glaucoma (no eyeliner)
  • Hepatitis (have or had in the past)
  • Moles, lesions, sores on the area to be treated (Moles on the area should be assessed and removed by your dermatologist, and fully healed before procedure)
  • Keloid or Hypertrophic scarring (a patch test is recommended 4 weeks before)



  • You should not take aspirin, ibuprofen or anti-inflammatories from 3 days before. Do not drink alcohol from the night before your procedure. No coffee, or exercise stimulants with caffeine (like BioPlus) on the morning of your procedure.
  • Retin A and Retinols should be stopped 7 days before, and should not be used for 3 weeks after procedures. Using these too soon can cause the pigment to fade.
  • You should stop taking all vitamin supplements at least 3 days before, and very important to stop taking any Omega 3 supplements, Vitamin E supplements 7 days before, as these thin the blood and can result in excessive bruising and pigment migration.
  • Don't plan a facial, peel with acids, fibroblast or microneedling within 7 days before your procedure, and 2 weeks after.


Eyeliner / Brow Procedures

If there is a very specific way you would like your liner or brows done, please send a photo before your procedure, of your eyes and brows with makeup the way you like it, so we can get an indication of what you are used to wearing. We will discuss and draw your brow shape prior to actually doing the procedure.

If you wear contact lenses please bring your container and glasses with on the day. Lenses need to be taken out for the procedure, you can pop them back in straight after, or wear your glasses for an hour or two.

For all eyeliner procedures please DO NOT wear mascara to your appointment.

Lip procedures

If you are prone to fever blister break outs (cold sores) you will need to get a script for an antiviral tablet that will prevent a break out. You will need to start taking the day before before your procedure and your doctor will advise for how many days thereafter - it's usually for 3 days.

NB: Lip rocedure precaution

Even if you have never had a cold sore you may carry the virus, and will possibly have a break out.

You might never have had, or can't remember ever having a cold sore, but you could potentially carry the virus, and thus will more than likely have a break out of fever blisters after a lip procedure.

To help avoid lengthy and painful healing of cold sores, we advise that for all lip procedures, you see your GP for a Hepres antiviral, and take precautions against a cold sore outbreak. You would usually start the day before your procedure. Your doctor will advise for how many days. (It's ususally 5 days )

Pain during procedures

We use 2 excellent anaesthetic creams, one before and one during the procedure. Pain is minimal or none at all for most people. So don't stress about that!

Swelling and Pain after procedures

Eyeliner - A little swelling can be expected, usually the next morning is the worst. It should return to normal in a day or 2. Your eyelids might be a little tender to the touch for a day or 2.

Eyebrows - There isn't much swelling, but your brows will be quite tender to the touch for a few days during healing.

Lips - Anything from a little swelling to a fair amount of swelling can be expected after the procedure. The lips will peel for a few days and swelling should start to come down in 2 days and be completely gone within 7 days. Lips may feel quite tender for the first few days, so you'll need to stock up on drinking straws for hot drinks.


Brows - It's important to remember the colour will appear extremely dark for about a week, it will flake and/or scab, and settle up to 50% lighter once healed.

Lips - The colour will take 6 weeks to settle, fade and heal to the chosen colour. The lips will look a different shade straight after the procedure than the shade chosen but the chosen colour will come through.


You will be given an Aftercare Pack which contains an antibiotic aftercare ointment, and comprehensive instructions to help you through the healing process and avoid infection.

Allergies & Allergy Testing

Allergy to Permanent Makeup Pigments is not common, however developing an allergy can always be a risk. On your Medical History and Consent documentation, you will be required to either waive and allergy test, or request a spot test

Allergies to anything on the skin can show up months down the line, so an allergy test may not show any reaction at all at the time. However, if you feel you may be allergic to the Pigments you can elect to come in for an allergy test 72 hours prior.


Payment must be made on the day of treatment. We accept Visa & Mastercard credit and debit cards.


If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please notify us at least 24hrs before.


We are a busy studio so a Confirmation Deposit of 25% is required to secure your appointment.
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