Permanent Eyebrow Colour Correction

Do you have old faded blue, grey, pink or purple eyebrows?

Then you've landed right where you need to be! We are specialists in Eyebrow Colour Correction.

The old style permanent makeup eyebrow tattoos, that have been implanted with inferior pigments, quite commonly turn odd shades of grey or blue and even purple or peachy pink.

Now there's a quick and easy way of regaining your youthful eyebrow colour, and a more modern and youthful shape.

Eyebrow Tattoo Colour Correction

Premier Pigments has a range of perfectly formulated Corrective Pigments that will transform your old faded brows in 1 session!

A second session at 6 weeks might be required to refine or deepen the colour and shape, and this will become evident after the initial session has fully settled.

Microblading Colour Correction

Whether it's microblading or microshading, we can help restore a natural shade.

Eyeliner Colour Correction

Yes, we can restore your faded blue or grey eyeliner to a deeper black.

eyebrow colour correction

eyebrow colour correction

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