Permanent Make Up

Permanent Eyeliner


Eyeliner is a can't-do-without item for many women, and a vital part of most make up routines. Depending on thickness and wing, eyeliner gives the eyes definition and enhances or improves shape and size. Whether just a subtle sexy lash line or a dramatc designer wing, eyeliner opens up the eyes, and adds pizzazz.

Lash Line Enhancement


We enhance your natural top lashes with a very delicate thin liner along the natural lash line between the lashes to give definition. It's an awesome way to give depth and allure to those who don't like to wear much make up, and it's ideal for guys! 

Microblade Brows


Microblading is the process of implanting pigment by creating fine hair-like strokes to provide a very natural looking brow. Depending on how the skin is able to retain the pigmented strokes, microblading may be followed by a little shading to add colour inbetween the hair strokes, as you would with a brow pencil.

Shaded & Ombre Brows


Powder or Shaded Brows refers to the process of implanting pigment into the eyebrow skin to create a more solid brow, for a permanently penciled-in look.

Our Ombre Brows is the process of microblading a limited amount of fine hair-like strokes, and then shading between the strokes to fill in the gaps. It's a great time saver either way!

Lip Tint - Natural & Light


A natural lip tint is fantastic for anyone really! For women on the go, moms short on time, and active and sporty women who love nothing better than to pop a gloss stick in their purse to keep lips moist, a lip tint is the ideal way to have luscious fresh lips all day long. When you need more colour, or a more dramatic look for night time, you can simply apply lipstick as normal.

Vibrant Lip Colour


Premier Pigments Vibrant Lips are absolutely fabulous for all day lip colour. Whether you prefer a darker lipliner for definition with a complimentary full lip tint, or a pretty full lip shade for an even cover, you'll have luscious colour morning noon and night, no matter what you're up to!

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