Opting for Tattoo Removal regardless of the method, is a huge decision to make. It's either live with the tattoo, or live with some scarring as a permanent reminder.

Consider the tattoo size and visibility on your body. Remember, you will have scarring to some degree, and the re-pigmentation of the scar to your natural skin tone can take 12 months plus.

However, the extent of your personal scarring cannot be predicted, because skin types and skin healing after tattoo removal vary so vastly.

You need to be sure you do not get Keloid scars - these are rapidly thickening raised scars that tend to keep growing over time.

Some people scar lighter than their natural tone (Hypo-pigmentation), and others much darker (Hyper-pigmentation). Darker skin tones and ethnic skins tend to heal much darker than the natural skin tone. Take a look at an old scar somewhere on your leg or arm, to get an idea of how you scar.

Our method 123 Tattoo Free of Non-laser Tattoo Removal means all ink colours can be treated, and there's no risk of laser burn scars.

So it's a big decision!
But if you're sure you want to remove your tattoo, email a pic of the tattoo, location and approximate size, and we can send you an estimate.
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